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Weekly Report will break down all scores and statistics for each week of D'NFL

  • Weekly Results will show the winners and loser of each game including stats for all starters
  • Standings will rank all teams in their respective division. Overall Record, Division Record, H2H Record and Total Points will be shown on this page. Also on this report will be the COMMISH NOTES. The COMMISH will give his (lighter side) perspective of all Owners, Teams, Players and everything not so important happenings of the D'NFL.
  • Team Rankings will rank teams by starter points. A YTD and Current ranking will be posted as well as a Weekly High Score
  • Team Efficiency will show all, it will separate the men from the boys, players from the pretenders and the contenders from the wanna-bees. Each report will show points by: starters, bench, total, result, possible points, pct. of possible points and possible results. So if you screw up and start the wrong player it will show here!
  • Top Players will show the who went right and who went wrong in the draft. Throughout the year all players (Starters, Bench and Free Agents) will accumulate points each week and the top ten players at each position will make THE LIST. Are there any of your players on it? 
  • Top Scores will showcase the highest individual scores of all fantasy players. We will break it down by position and the unlike the Top Players List a player can make this list numerous times as it is based on a weekly high score. The is where the big games are recorded. You can usually see where difference was made for the teams that are in the front of the pack
  • Good Luck and be sure to check these pages each week!